Filter Epipure Eco


Filter EPI EPIPURE ECO is a combination of several layers of kraft paper cut and shaped to obtain a significant overspray retention capacity. At the outlet a thickness of synthetic media makes it possible to obtain a fineness of filtration, which avoids any clogging of the extraction turbines and the atmospheric rejections (pollution of the extraction ducts and the exteriors of the buildings).



  • Suitable for all types of paints, varnishes, etc… (water-soluble and solvent based)
  • Increasing the filtration area by 4
  • Reduced replacement frequency
  • Retention capacity 5 à 8 times superior to conventional filters (depending on type of paint)
  • Fineness of filtration 1000 micron particles : 99,5%
  • Very low pressure loss
  • Fire classification : flame retardant




  • Kraft paper cut and shaped, progressive opening  + synthetic medias assembled to form pockets
  • Plastic frame

Efficiency: 99.5% on powdery paints

Pressure loss : 4 Pa to 0.5m/s

Retention capacity:  24 to 32 kg/m²



All sizes are available on request.